Thu, 24th of April
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Thu, 24th of April


haven’t done one in a while oopz but since i’m already here i decided to do this!

reflect: oopz this was supposed to be a short post but oh well ummm idk i can’t believe that junior year is almost over already… just have to finish tests and junior year is basically over ;; also we only have two competitions left- one last convention and one last standalone competition and that’s it for this year. wow i thought this time would never come but it did and it felt so fast ugh i’m not ready for this. i really have to pull myself together and just get that studying done and also hope that my ankle doesn’t die on me for these last two competitions! let’s goooo 

Thu, 24th of April


post-springbreak goals:

  • don’t procrastinate
  • eat clean
  • study for ap testing
  • play less 2048 (???)
  • drink more water
  • survive
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Thu, 24th of April
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Thu, 24th of April
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Thu, 24th of April

i’ve decided to no longer care about boys because they are so dumb ummmm one told me that he hopes our prom picture gets 200+ likes when i post it on fb and one is too dumb to realize that i liked him/is too dumb to make a move and one is too stressful. i’m going to focus on ap tests and finals and dance because those are the things that matter to me. have the confidence to not care ✌ 

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Wed, 23rd of April

why is it so awkward ugh so today after dance this guy that i got pretty close with recently and snapchat a lot went to jamba and told me to come bc my studio is in the same plaza as jamba but when we met we like barely talked and it felt kinda awkward like we don’t really know what to say. it felt so different than how it is at school when we joke around and everything ugh what if he doesn’t talk to me anymore ugH im thinking too much again ;;

Mon, 21st of April
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Sun, 20th of April
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Sat, 19th of April
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